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luminescence resulting from a chemical reaction as the oxidation of luciferin in fireflies

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Other chemiluminescence based assa-ys like LIAISON assay by Diasorin and ARCHITECT by Abbot are also available.
10] developed a hybrid algorithm to solve the measurement problem of 3D chemiluminescence intensity fields and validated this by both numerical and experimental methods.
However, the chemiluminescence immunoassay market will see the highest growth in the next five years, which is attributed to the high-throughput and automation offered by CLIAs.
Key words: Streptolysin S, Streptococcus pyogenes Group A, Chemiluminescence, Rabbit Polymorphonuclear Leucocytes
The chemiluminescence (CL) cell consists of an oven and a physical device sensitive enough to detect the weak emission of CL photons.
Some LP products are light-emitting species and their spontaneous chemiluminescence can be used as an internal marker of oxidative stress (20).
Twenty-four fish (four fish per tank) were bled by puncture of the caudal vessels into syringes with EDTA and blood was used for leukocytes respiratory burst measurement by chemiluminescence assay.
High-end CCD-based imaging systems are typically used for quantitative chemiluminescence.
Other topics include organic chemiluminescence, the interaction of surfactants with ion polymeric sorbents, quantum chemical calculation, a novel IR emission liquid cell, and using plants for recultivation of oil polluted soils.
The unique Krystal 2000 black & white plate from PorvairSciences is purpose designed to provide optimized performance with chemiluminescence assays.
Nitrogen analysis has been made possible with the chemiluminescence nitrogen detector, used with a UV-fluorescence analyzer.
has acquired the chemiluminescence product line, which includes a market-leading sulfur detector and a nitrogen detector, from GE Analytical Instruments, a division of GE Water & Process Technologies.
Our study was designed to evaluate and compare 3 commercial third-generation assays based on a chemiluminescence immunoassay, ELISA, and IRMA for bio-intact PTH and to compare these with a second-generation PTH assay.
To test the concept, seven paints based on different aqueous emulsion polymers were exposed to natural weathering at the same time for 12 weeks at the Paint Quality Institute (PQI) test site, and were then examined using scanning probe microscopy, optical profilometry, chemiluminescence, XPS, and FTIR.
Also new is the MEXA 1170 HCLD, which uses an industry standard chemiluminescence detector for NOx measurement.