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The chemical stimulus is derived from three chemicals that have been isolated from food baits--ammonia, putrescine, and trimethylamine.
In the current study, 12 healthy young adults inhaled from a nebulizer containing capsaicin, the burning ingredient in chili peppers and a potent chemical stimulus for cough.
In recent years, a number of research groups have synthesized molecular motors, but mainly in liquids, where the devices are easier to activate with light or a chemical stimulus.
In layman's terms, that's the ability of T-cells to rapidly divide when they bump into a chemical stimulus, or antigen.
We found that a small subdivision of the olfactory system-one that differs from the rest of the olfactory system in the expression of key proteins used to translate a chemical stimulus into neural signals and in the way it connects to the brain-is specialized for detecting this social stimulus.
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