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Synonyms for restraint

Synonyms for restraint

the act of limiting or condition of being limited

an instrument or means of restraining

something that physically confines the legs or arms

the keeping of one's thoughts and emotions to oneself

Synonyms for restraint

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Those nurses reporting alternative strategies prior to restraint application used communication for reorientation, assessed for potential causes of agitation, administered analgesics, and used chemical restraint.
A prospective study found that chemical restraint was added to only 28% of 298 consecutive patients restrained in an inner-city teaching hospital ED over a 1-year period (J.
If my challenging target to reduce the prescribing of these chemical restraints by two-thirds isn't met, I won't hesitate to take serious steps to stop the 1,800 premature deaths each year.
The Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (OBRA) of 1987 contained provisions to improve nursing home care, including minimizing the use of physical and chemical restraints, with penalties for noncompliance.
Historically, physical and chemical restraints were used to control a wide range of behaviors.
This has resulted in a move away from providing direct treatment of behavior dysfunction and an increase in the use of high dosages of psychoactive medications, leading in many cases to unnecessary chemical restraints, mechanical restraints, and seclusion (see Hunter, 1995; Hunter, 1999; Hunter, 2000).
Many juveniles awaiting trial are often held in overcrowded and dangerous facilities where they are subjected to solitary confinement and chemical restraints, and denied access to mental health services, and where they mix with older, more dangerous juveniles.
We had a new way to control our geriatric population: chemical restraints.
35 would limit the use of restraint and seclusion in Georgia's public schools by prohibiting the use of seclusion, chemical restraints such as prescription drugs, mechanical restraints, or prone restraints.
When we talk about force, we often think about the use of seclusion and restraint, but force can come in many disguises: Chemical restraints and overmedicating, threatening and coercing, and restrictive rule making are less obvious examples of force, but they have nearly the same effect of dampening self-determination.
She does this all week long: QA, ethics, therapy center, workplace violence, safety, administration, nutritional risk, restorative dining, falls, chemical restraints, Medicare, care conferences.
Kaplan prescribed a regimen of medications described "as chemical restraints to control Denis's behavior.
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