chemical reactor

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an apparatus for holding substances that are undergoing a chemical reaction

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Compared to chemical reactor control methods, economic control methods suffer from a greater lack of accurate models.
Developing targets for the performance index of a chemical reactor network: isothermal systems.
A miniature chemical reactor that whips up a diagnostic tool could widen the availability of positron-emission tomography (PET) scans, say the reactor's inventors.
A new invention by an Oregon State University engineer offers an intriguing peek at what for some could be do-it-yourself fuel, thanks to a tiny chemical reactor that can turn vegetable oil and alcohol into biodiesel.
Microfabricated cross-flow chemical reactor for catalyst testing, Sensors Actuators B-Chem.
This is illustrated by means of an example of a temperature controller for a chemical reactor.
A chemical reactor has been shut down after notice was served on Wednesday to Organic Intermediates Ltd of Speke, Liverpool.
Subject: contract for "Custom Built chemical reactor module, as well as to technically and technologically related 1 gas extraction and scrubber to obtain" tangible HU09-0074-A2-2013 identification number "20092014 Norwegian Financial Mechanism Green Industrial Innovation Programme, Eco-friendly production technologies more Using generated during the manufacture of water and wastewater treatment chemicals in "subprogram".
April 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- California-based Lost Spirits LLC has built a new type of chemical reactor capable of making aged spirits with a near identical chemical signature to 20 year old barrel aged products.
Chemical reactor analysis and applications for the practicing engineer.
Researchers plan to develop an entirely new methodology of using an optical fiber with immobilized gold and silver nanoparticles both as a chemical reactor and as an ultra-sensitive spectroscopic probe.
The reason behind the blast is believed to be increase in the temperature of the chemical reactor.
In the past, authors have controlled a chemical reactor by feeding one of the reaction components, so the reactor was treated as a semibatch reactor (Macku, 2005).
Along with the tools engineers need to design and specify chemical reactors, he covers the fundamentals and principles of chemical reactor design, presents techniques for dealing with the properties of reactors of all types and purposes, and explains the method of false transients.
Bradford Coroner's Court heard yesterday how Mr Shone, 35, had been discovered slumped at the bottom of an empty 20ft chemical reactor at Grosvenor Chemicals in Linthwaite (pictured) in the early hours of Friday, October 8, 2004.