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I'm not satisfied at all with how things have been handled," said Jia Jing Chuan, another worker at the facility who was exposed to the chemical poisoning.
The residues of these chemicals are toxic and could cause chemical poisoning in the long run, which is becoming a concern in the developing world where many deaths have been reported from it.
The number of chemical poisoning jumped to 225 in 2008 - 102 of these were due to aluminum phosphide inhalation and the majority of those affected were children, said Badawood in a written statement.
FIFTEEN people were treated for possible chemical poisoning and residents were evacuated from their homes after a fire at an industrial estate.
The drop in lab seizures means fewer children are living in danger of chemical poisoning and fire, but meth is so portable that it's easy to smuggle interstate and internationally, said Lane County Circuit Judge Doug Mitchell, who oversees the local drug court.
We now must integrate also the effects of chemical poisoning, eradication of species, and the general pollution of the earth and its waters.
The team is currently involved in a number of leading cases for victims of asbestos disease, chemical poisoning and catastrophic injury.
I had huge hair and would use a can of hairspray a day - I don't know how I'm not dead from chemical poisoning.
With each passing year, the child body count grows - - since 1973 more than 46 million babies have been killed by dismemberment and chemical poisoning, a number fast approaching total worldwide deaths, civilian and military, from World War II.
IBM also argues systemic chemical poisoning isn't a medically recognized ailment and challenges the link of chemical exposure to the plaintiffs' cancers.
Otters are slowly moving back into inner city areas decades after they were lost from most of England in the 1950s and 1960s because of agricultural chemical poisoning.
However, Sandra Azevedo of the University of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro suspected cyanobacterial toxins were the real culprit when the patients died quickly without developing any of the neurologic symptoms associated with chemical poisoning.
But this theory serves to obscure a tragic chemical poisoning scandal behind the majority of BSE cases.
But in a July 23 interview, Ordog maintained that several laboratories across the nation tested blood and urine samples from his patients and found chemical poisoning consistent with chemicals used in the manufacture of portable classrooms at district schools.
Cells often have a fairly general response to stress, whether in the form of heat, radiation, chemical poisoning, or internal agents that signal the presence of external threats.