chemical plant

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an industrial plant where chemicals are produced

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The IC Index stands for Intratec chemical plant Construction Index, an indicator, published monthly by Intratec, which enables users to scale capital costs from one time period to another.
23, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Intratec Solutions LLC, the leading source for chemical markets and process economics information, is pleased to offer, since September 2015, itsfree chemical plant construction index --IC index -- in an improved online interface (www.
The plant, which is one of around 140 in the UK, will also be able to power some homes but is being built to offset the use of fossil fuels at the chemical plant.
Established in 1997, Shuangma Chemical Plant mainly produces stearic acid, fatty acid and glycerol.
RT website quoted the Ministry as saying that there are clashes between the Syrian army and terrorists affiliated to Jabhet al-Nusra and al-Islam Army, which are Al Qaeda-linked terrorist groups, very near to a chemical plant that contains chemical materials scheduled to be transported abroad.
Under the Clean Air Act of 1990 all chemical plants that handle regulated chemicals are required to file Risk Management Plans with the Environmental Protection Agency.
The fuel cell facility will use the hydrogen produced as a waste by-product in the ICL chemical plant to generate power.
Summary: Hundreds of people have been evacuated following a massive fire at a chemical plant about 30 miles south of Dallas.
Over 12,000 demonstrators marched to the municipal government's office in the port city of Dalian, in Liaoning province demanding the relocation of Fujia Chemical Plant, which is in the centre of a toxic spill scare.
at a chemical plant in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province, the official
MIES is aimed to function as a marketing and service base for environmental and chemical plant projects in the Southeast Asia and Middle East regions, where market expansion is expected over the long term.
In addition the chemical plant also located in the same region shall operate at 20 per cent of its rated capacity of 700 TPD.
3 August 2009 - According to reports in the Chinese media today, 509 people have been sickened by pollution from a chemical plant in Liuyang county, Hunan province, which has also been blamed for two deaths.
AN explosion at a chemical plant yesterday led to an emergency evacuation as the sky filled with red and orange smoke.
Residents living close to the scene of a massive explosion at a chemical plant claimed the whole area was a "timebomb waiting to go off".