chemical irritant

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a substance producing irritation

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Chemical irritant in the chilli- pepper canister affects eyes, respiratory system & mucous membrane of the nose & throat
The suspects are myriad, from viral and bacterial disease to allergies and chemical irritants.
Police initially broke up a demonstration in central Kuala Lumpur by beating protesters with batons and using a water cannon spray containing a chemical irritant.
Carl Dawkes, 21, of Northumberland Street, Canton, admitted trying to import 15 Police OC/17 Magnum Pen pepper sprays, which contain a chemical irritant, into the UK through the post.
He said the sheriff's department should go back to its old practice of using correction officers in protective gear to enter cells to overpower uncooperative prisoners, rather than the current practice of using a chemical irritant followed by shooting them with plastic projectiles to extract them from their cells.
Sean Connolly, of Marsh Lane, Shepley, is charged with using a cannister of pepper spray - which contains a chemical irritant - in Wakefield Road, Clayton West, on Christmas Eve.
CHATSWORTH - The release of a chemical irritant - possibly pepper spray - forced the hourlong evacuation of a Ralphs market Tuesday and sent six people to hospitals for treatment.
The San Francisco District Attorney's Office has ordered its investigators not to use pepper spray - heeding critics who cite several incidents in which suspects have died after being hit with the chemical irritant.
Our guys found numbers of adults and children experiencing the effects of this chemical irritant.
In August, a rally by several hundred white nationalists and white supremacists, organized in part by Identity Evropa activists, erupted at the University of Virginia, resulted in shoving, punching and the spraying of chemical irritants by both groups.
He said that asthma also occurs among those people who do not have allergies and in these persons, chemical irritants trigger an inflammatory response that is initiated in a different way than in allergen-triggered asthma and for example, some people are sensitive to certain common chemical irritants, such as perfume, hairspray, cosmetics, and household cleaners as well, added.
tobacco smoke, chemical irritants in the workplace and air pollution.
The smoke bomb reportedly hit a woman in the head, and there were reports that fireworks and chemical irritants had been set off.
Police responded by throwing chemical irritants at the protesters, according to a Reuters witness.
In a time long before handheld radios, electronic surveillance systems, alarms, control rooms, chemical irritants and other less-than-lethal devices, correctional officers' only "backup" was often their own interpersonal skills augmented by proficiency with billy clubs.
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