chemical irritant

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a substance producing irritation

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The suspects are myriad, from viral and bacterial disease to allergies and chemical irritants.
He said the sheriff's department should go back to its old practice of using correction officers in protective gear to enter cells to overpower uncooperative prisoners, rather than the current practice of using a chemical irritant followed by shooting them with plastic projectiles to extract them from their cells.
Sean Connolly, of Marsh Lane, Shepley, is charged with using a cannister of pepper spray - which contains a chemical irritant - in Wakefield Road, Clayton West, on Christmas Eve.
CHATSWORTH - The release of a chemical irritant - possibly pepper spray - forced the hourlong evacuation of a Ralphs market Tuesday and sent six people to hospitals for treatment.
The San Francisco District Attorney's Office has ordered its investigators not to use pepper spray - heeding critics who cite several incidents in which suspects have died after being hit with the chemical irritant.
The test results showed that after several hours of treatment, all biological and chemical irritant fumes and contaminants had been eliminated from the coach, leaving it smelling 'like new' as the fabrics and floors had been fully cleansed.
Despite dosages of chemical irritant in excess of those likely to be experienced in the household or workplace, shielding lotions demonstrate protection against reactions in all cases," says Rookh.
Our guys found numbers of adults and children experiencing the effects of this chemical irritant.
Contact urticaria is a temporary localized rash induced by contact with a topical chemical irritant.
As this chemical irritant filled the air, parents and grandparents seized the children and ran.
He said that asthma also occurs among those people who do not have allergies and in these persons, chemical irritants trigger an inflammatory response that is initiated in a different way than in allergen-triggered asthma and for example some people are sensitive to certain common chemical irritants, such as perfumes, hair sprays, cosmetics, and household cleaners, he added.
In a time long before handheld radios, electronic surveillance systems, alarms, control rooms, chemical irritants and other less-than-lethal devices, correctional officers' only "backup" was often their own interpersonal skills augmented by proficiency with billy clubs.
French riot police sprayed migrants with chemical irritants after they tore down security fences at the Eurotunnel terminal in Calais on Saturday night.
Nociceptors in our lungs connect to the brainstem and trigger the cough reflex when they detect potential harms like dust particles, chemical irritants or allergens.
The human rights organization said that 1,898,515 "less lethal" chemical irritants -- 1,509,015 tear gas cartridges ranging from four different sizes and 389,500 gas grenades -- will be delivered to Turkey.
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