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a representation of a substance using symbols for its constituent elements

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If any of his chums are looking for him, he's now back in his lab trying to find a chemical formula to reverse the chilling effects of a wife with the hump.
How dark any polymer becomes will depend on its chemical formula and on the electrical potential applied by the circuit.
A system of terms applicable to ordered microporous and mesoporous materials is proposed, and rules for writing a standardized crystal chemical formula for such materials are presented.
The bifunctional organosilane, Si 69, was introduced in 1971 with the following chemical formula (xbar = 3.
Substances are tested for name, structure, chemical formula, molecular weight, schedule, solubility, color tests, crystal tests, thin layer chromatography systems, UV spectra, Infrared spectra, gas chromatographic retention times, gas chromatographic/mass spectroscopic data, etc.
Among the information is the chemical formula, class, crystal system, hardness, and sometimes companion minerals or metaphysical associations.
Which common substance has the chemical formula H2O?
Unlike military ordnance, IEDs are unconventional in their delivery, often inaccessible by vehicle-borne systems, and contain non-standard mixtures that require chemical formula identification not obtained by the common "anomaly" and chemically blind detectors currently in the marketplace.
The chemical formula has become sort of simple even for people not that aware of chemistry,'' said Robert Schirn, the head of Major Narcotics Division of the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office.
We use the most recent scientific knowledge about particle radiation using neutrons and gamma rays to decipher the chemical formula of hidden objects 'without opening,' that is without going to the lab, non-invasively, and instantly display the sign 'this is explosive' or 'this is not explosive'.
Information is given for their chemical formula, characteristics from luster to toughness to crystal shape, and color, cut, clarity, carat, and history.
Materials are further subdivided according to their chemical formula and the metals are classed according to different alloy groups.
Although the two polymorphs shared a chemical formula, their structural dissimilarity made a difference to patients.
Already on the market in Britain are clothes coated with a secret chemical formula which blocks out the sun rays which cause skin cancer.
To enter our contest ring 0901 380 1816 and tell us what is the chemical formula for water.