chemical equilibrium

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a chemical reaction and its reverse proceed at equal rates

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p] as obtained from a validated chemical equilibrium model and the new combined equation.
1995), Relationship between student performance on conceptual and computational problems of chemical equilibrium, International Journal of Science Education, 17,343-355.
Students tend to have problems with basic concepts of chemical equilibrium such as reaction quotient and equilibrium quotient, Le Chatelier's principle, concentrations at equilibrium, the extent of reaction and the rate of reaction (2).
It explains the fundamentals of physical and chemical equilibrium and how they relate to practical problems in chemical and environmental engineering.
Windermere Humic Acid Model (WHAM) is a chemical equilibrium speciation model, which can predict the chemical forms of metals, with particular reference to the effect of natural organic substances (humic acids).
Students' systematic errors when solving kinetic and chemical equilibrium problems.
This method is doomed to some downsides like insufficient mixing, escape of some compounds at such high temperatures which prevents chemical equilibrium to be achieved.
Some examples of topics discussed include elimination of eutrophication through resource recovery, wastewater treatment and the green revolution, quantifying phosphorous recovery potentials by full-scale process analysis and modeling, validation of a comprehensive chemical equilibrium model for predicting struvite precipitation, social and economic feasibility of struvite recovery from urine at the community level in Nepal, chemical recycling of phosphorous from piggery wastewater, phosphorous recovery from eluated sewage sludge ashes by nanofiltration, remediation of phosphorous from animal slurry, sewage treatment to remove ammonium ions by struvite precipitation, and treating solid dairy manure by using the microwave-enhanced advanced oxidation process.
The isotopic distributions within specific products were not random, demonstrating that rates were fast enough to achieve chemical equilibrium but not sufficiently fast for total equilibration within the carbon pool.
There is no apparent reason to consider that the chemical equilibrium is not fulfilled during this process (Kuhl et al.
Chemical Theory postulates the existence of distinct self-associated or cross-associated species which are assumed to be in chemical equilibrium with the monomer species.
The average values of [gamma]', [omega], and F in Table 2 are not large enough to ensure attainment of chemical equilibrium (Valocchi 1985).
Scientists at Laurentian University are using new technology to discover how weather affects the chemical equilibrium of a lake.
It delivers a highly stable, free flowing, white-to-cream colored powder, which is easily dispersible in aqueous systems, can be incorporated into mixtures unaffected by shear force and offers controlled release via chemical equilibrium.
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