chemical equilibrium

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a chemical reaction and its reverse proceed at equal rates

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p] as obtained from a validated chemical equilibrium model and the new combined equation.
It explains the fundamentals of physical and chemical equilibrium and how they relate to practical problems in chemical and environmental engineering.
with assuming that the reaction reaches equilibrium, the overall chemical equilibrium constant is expressed as
It was observed however, during repeated calorimetric experiments, followed by frequent chemical composition analyses, that the composition of the residual gas from the calorimeter does not obey the chemical equilibrium at room temperature, but at an unexpectedly high temperature instead (Rugescu, 2005).
Chemical Theory postulates the existence of distinct self-associated or cross-associated species which are assumed to be in chemical equilibrium with the monomer species.
The average values of [gamma]', [omega], and F in Table 2 are not large enough to ensure attainment of chemical equilibrium (Valocchi 1985).
Scientists at Laurentian University are using new technology to discover how weather affects the chemical equilibrium of a lake.
It delivers a highly stable, free flowing, white-to-cream colored powder, which is easily dispersible in aqueous systems, can be incorporated into mixtures unaffected by shear force and offers controlled release via chemical equilibrium.
Chemical equilibrium must be maintained; homeostasis must be maintained: and thus the Gala hypothesis is supported.
This study modeled barium sulfate solubility using a general chemical equilibrium solver.
These assays have posed major analytical challenges, which most likely stem from the delicate balance between chemical equilibrium and our ever-increasing quest for speed of analysis, simplicity of procedure, and improved reliability.
If you need a double-harpoon arrow in a chemical equilibrium equation, it is simply a matter of pressing [less than]Ctrl[greater than] W to get a character map and then choosing from a list of 1,500 characters that cover most applications.
Theoretical predictions are based on chemical equilibrium, and suggest that such calculations can be useful in predicting relative volatility and speciation trends, and to direct experimental efforts.
It seems to have come back into chemical equilibrium with the air.
In these, fresh reactants continuously diffuse into the reaction zone, preventing the chemical equilibrium that closed systems always develop.
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