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Not only does gasohol make engines run hotter, necessitating the use of higher-temperature materials, but it also represents a new chemical environment, one which is hostile to many traditional automotive materials.
Other service conditions include the peak mechanical stresses that are not so apparent under normal loading and the unanticipated but not unlikely chemical environment (use of chemicals, lubricants, cleaners, etc.
An elastomeric sealing element failure occurs when the sealing element loses the ability to maintain a seal in the specified chemical environment.
Thermiculite(R)'s soft, conformable material helps seal flange irregularities, and its outstanding stability in harsh chemical environments prevents leaks that may lead to flash fires at flange joints," notes Pamadiparthi.
She said that regulatory T cells appear to alter the chemical environment around their aggressive cousins, known as autoreactive T cells, which either curb them or cause them to proliferate.
There is a challenge, that the Sulphur Springs is a very aggressive chemical environment.
Compared with conventional chelators, peptides are more effective in the chemical environment of damp concrete or rock, and they're inexpensive, says Los Alamos chemist Edel M.
Protective textiles include garments and related materials used for protection from harmful chemical environment, extreme temperatures (both high and low) and ballistic protection.
The shaped pulse hits the chemical environment around the lunchbox and excites the energy state of the material of interest, emitting an energy "signature.
In the March 10 Science, he wrote, "Any life that existed could not be luxuriant and would have to deal with low temperatures, feeble metabolic energy, and perhaps a severe chemical environment.
Engineering plastics refer to those materials that can be used as structural stuff, can endure the mechanical stress in a wider range of temperatures, and can be applied against relatively harsh physical and chemical environment.
Technicians would have complete control of the physical and chemical environment.
Chronic overproduction of the compound changed the chemical environment in the cell from oxidative to the opposite, a reductive state.
Lerner notes that the unity of purpose in the Diamond neighborhood eventually resulted in a buyout and exodus from a foul and potentially dangerous toxic chemical environment.
Study, produce and characterize thermal-hydraulic experimental equipment which recreates the thermal hydraulic heating autoclave water and chemical environment of a PWR (320 o 160 bar) to determine the limits of stainless steel tubes and through d an existing fatigue bench.
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