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the branch of engineering that is concerned with the design and construction and operation of the plants and machinery used in industrial chemical processes

the activity of applying chemistry to the solution of practical problems

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A study by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers released in 1990 showed that graduating chemical engineers found employment in a variety of industries and applications including utilities, the environmental field, fuels, materials, pulp & paper, biotechnology, electronics, food/consumer, design, and chemical.
19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) has awarded Bechtel Gold Corporate Partner status for the company's contributions to the advancement of chemical engineering and process industries.
Unemployment among chemical engineers has also decreased in the two years since the last survey, to 2.
The CIC Chair's Event, Women in Engineering: Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership, featured a lecture by Iise Treurnicht, the CEO of MaRS Discovery District, followed by a panel discussion featuring top Canadian women chemical engineers.
He also has been active with the Forest Products Division of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.
Chemical engineers play an important role in Canadian society, both in their contributions to out economy, and in their contributions to health and the environment.
The completely retooled site and online information service will provide up-to-the-minute news and in-depth technical expertise from Chemical Engineering's global team of chemical engineers, CPI professionals and journalists.
He is a member of American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Materials Research Society, Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering, and Society for Information Display.
He is the recipient of awards from the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and the American Chemical Society.
Written by one of the most prolific and well-respected chemical engineers that the industry has ever produced, this is the most comprehensive and thorough volume ever written on the thermodynamic properties of hydrocarbons and chemicals.
Brucker replaces Bob Perry, who has elected to retire after 37 years with the company and accept a position with the American Institute of Chemical Engineers as director, Center for Chemical Process Safety.
NASDAQ: AZPN), today announced that its Vice President of Technology, Dr Basil Joffe, has been awarded the 2006 Computing Practice Award by the Computing & Systems Technology Division of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE).
CHEMCON 2006, Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers, Gurajat India, www.
As has been noted in several articles appearing during the past couple of years in Chemistry in Canada consideration is currently being given to changes in the organizational structure for chemical engineers within the C.
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