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The first was to outline the adoption of optimal safeguards which allow nurses to bypass the chemical dependency trap.
The McAuliffes conclude that chemical dependency is a disease.
Fully 80% of the adolescents successfully completed the chemical dependency treatment program--a rate much higher than the national average.
One of these early leaders' characteristics was their absolute commitment to the larger enterprise of chemical dependency treatment.
People grapple with cravings long after escaping chemical dependency.
Targeted to attorneys and insurers dealing with new subjective disorders such as chronic fatigue, chronic pain, stress and anxiety, the publication covers the litigation of disability claims and such issues as chemical dependency, risk of relapse and the definition of disability under ERISA.
Abandoning the heavy chemical dependency of many modern growers, Joly shares the biodynamic methods with which he lovingly tends his own Coulee de Serrant vineyard, focusing on practices that build soil health and nurture the vine.
His study is the first of its kind in the area of chemical dependency nursing.
Chapters deal with special timely issues such as eating disorders, chemical dependency, combatrelated PTSD, and survivors of sexual abuse.
PMR Corporation and Twin Town Treatment Centers have completed the formation of a joint venture to establish a network of outpatient chemical dependency centers throughout the Western United States.
There are a number of excellent books available about alcoholism, chemical dependency, and the many variables involved.
a 35-year-old licensed practical nurse, was admitted to the chemical dependency treatment unit following an intervention by her physician employer.
Cedar Hills Hospital has launched a new program tailored to women with multiple mental health and chemical dependency issues.
The main thing we look at is whether or not chemical dependency is the primary diagnosis," she says.
Chemical dependency treatment experienced managed care's entry more painfully than any other healthcare sector.
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