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Red River Hospital, a leader in behavioral health for more than 40 years, is a private, inpatient acute behavioral facility dedicated to the treatment of behavioral and chemical dependency issues.
The foreword so graciously portrayed by Sarah Ruth Gomes poignantly depicts the tragic loss experienced by only one of the thousands of family members affected by a nurse's chemical dependency.
The investigators plan to compare the findings with those in a matched group of non-Native American adolescents and also study the same issues among Native American adults in chemical dependency treatment.
But who will be looking out for the larger enterprise of chemical dependency treatment?
Aldine Corporation established its first Twin Town inpatient chemical dependency center in St.
Almost a decade after Alcohol Health and Research World devoted an entire issue to the combination of chemical dependencies and other disabilities, I find this matter given less than optimal attention in both the rehabilitation literature and the chemical dependency literature.
Cedar Hills Hospital's newly expanded facility addresses the acute need for mental health and chemical dependency programs for men and women in the greater Portland area.
ICPCD is the only international, multidisciplinary conference addressing the challenging area of pain and chemical dependency.
In the 1980s, chemical dependency treatment providers had a tendency to admit persons who had embarrassed themselves or others because of their involvement with alcohol or other drugs.
A return to seeing chemical dependency as a moral issue, rather than a health issue, has never worked.
Under terms of the three-year agreement, PBH will offer WGIHF plan participants inpatient and outpatient mental health and chemical dependency coverage with access to PBH's national network of 19,500 behavioral health clinicians and more than 900 facilities.
likens the chemical dependency that goes with it to the ardent addiction of romantic desire.
Although recent evidence indicates that knowledge and attitudes of professionals about chemical dependency may be changing in a positive direction (Taricone & Janikowski, 1990), failure to detect substance abuse may account for some clients being labeled rehabilitation failures rather than successes.
Chapter 2, "Chemical Dependency Among Nurses," addresses the specific impact that chemical dependency has on nurses.
an alcohol and chemical dependency rehabilitation center located in Westhampton Beach, New York as well as 7 outpatient facilities and 27 not-for-profit halfway houses located throughout Long Island.
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