chemical defense

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procedures involved in taking defensive measures against attacks using chemical agents

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military/coalition * Chemical Defense Company Multinational Force-Iraq/U.
Two potent neurotoxins, tetrodotoxin in riparian stream environments and saxitoxin in coastal ocean environments, are introduced into communities by limited sources as a means of chemical defense.
This could, in theory, make it difficult for effective chemical defenses to evolve in marine prey.
In May 2007, Cenomed partnered with Abraxis BioScience for the development of novel therapeutics for use in chemical defense and for the treatment of nervous system disorders with a focus on psychiatric and neurological diseases.
A chemical defense capability has been added to the Iraqi army and the government of Iraq within one year of CDC existence.
These results show that squid ink itself is not palatable to flounder and thus that phagomimicry is not a mechanism of chemical defense for squid ink.
Given the development of new methods of chemical analysis and adequate experimental drawings, it is widely accepted that algae have chemical defense mechanisms against their consumers and also against threats caused by their intra-specific relations, which makes them important agents in the structure of marine communities (Potin et al.
Following are chapters on egg formation and chemistry, including the structure of the eggshell, molecules involved in chemical defense of the chicken egg, and egg defect detection, among other topics.
A Chinese software company is alleged to have placed security holes in its products sold to chemical defense and energy companies in Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Africa.
The Chemical Defense Unit of the Kuwaiti National Guard held a drill on ridding of chemical pollution with the participation of a chemical defense unit belonging to the U.
Among his examples are the chemical defense of the bombardier beetle, the lungfish surviving without oxygen, jet propulsion, gecko feet, termite towers, fire and smoke detectors, and plant communication.
The second mechanism of the chemical defense system of lubbers is an internal toxin, apparently synthesized by, and present in, all lubber instars (Whitman 1990).
A plant protected from herbivory by a new chemical defense is basically a competition-free resource for the herbivore community (Ehrlich & Raven, 1964).
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