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The specific chemical action of each admixture have been evaluated by analysing the variation of the coefficient of activity K according to the rate of the cement substitution, by applying to the studied mortars the concept of the equivalent binder and by deducing the coefficient of activity K from the predictive model of Feret.
The leeches were approved as a medical device because they met the definition of a medical device under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, which is "an article intended to diagnose, cure, treat, prevent, or mitigate a disease or condition, or to affect a function or structure of the body, that does not achieve its primary effect through a chemical action and is not metabolized.
Water poured into the top of the filter passes through a tray that contains a few kilograms of iron nails--whose chemical action scours the arsenic from the fluid--and then collects in a sand-filled bottom compartment.
This led to much controversy between Louis Pasteur, who believed that fermentation was inseparable from living cells, and Justus Freiherr von Liebig, who proposed that these processes were the result of chemical action.
By definition corrosion is the partial or complete wearing away, dissolving, or softening of any metal--ferrous or non-ferrous--by chemical action.
You know that the hotter the water, the more chemical action you get.
A battery in which electricity is generated by chemical action is a part of the apparatus.
Actually, it's a painkiller--like aspirin, acetaminophen, and ibuprofen, but with a slightly different chemical action.
situation: Burton's Liquorice Allsorts contain natural ingredients which have an aggresive chemical action in their concentrate form.
These spoilages or deterioration are due to the microbial action, enzymatic, physical and chemical action.
The artifacts were found to derive from the chemical action precipitated by heat from molten metal and the reaction of magnesium with silicate phases in the melt.
The first of these will address key safety, health and environmental sustainability issues, including an overview of the latest life-cycle analysis work on rigid PU foams and details of the latest US legislation, Chemical Action Plans, and their likely impact on the industry.
Joining Hager in the winner's circle was James Chapman, manager, Product Safety, Bayer MaterialScience LLC, who won the Best Paper Award in the Environment, Health and Safety Session 1 for his paper “EPA's Chemical Action Plan (CAP) for MDI and TDI.
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