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relating to or used in chemistry


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It has even been reported to trigger transient is chemic attacks ("mini-strokes").
the Cleveland/Bradley Chamber of Commerce is undertaking efforts to make the region more welcoming to new German employers and employees, as it prepares for two new companies--Volkswagen and Wacker Chemic.
as its vice chairman and re-elected Rosendo Ferran, senior consultant with New Chemic Inc.
VIKINGS SUPPORTERS: Rossi Walsh-O'Niell (right) pictured with her sister Ellie and Coronation Street actor Alan Halsall who plays Tyrone Dobbs in the TV soap MASCOT: Widnes Vikings mascot Chemic
AoBut Aowhether or not the manufacture of these lead chlorides was deliberately connected to preventive health care by Egyptians,Ao the researchers wrote, Aoit is clear that such intentional production remains the first known example of a large scale chemic process.
PROMINENT - JC Stevenson became an MP, was a Mayor of South Shields and worked with the Tyne Improvement ADVENTURER - in here on James Stevenson-Hamilton helped found Kruger National Park in South Africa AUTH Steve HOR - H ew n son RISKY - One family member took sulphur from a volcano INDUSTRIAL PAST - The Friar's Goose Chemic cal Works, Gateshead in the 19th Century AMBITIOUS - A young JC Stephenson
Alfred Tennyson's retelling of the (probably apocryphal) story of Lucretius's succumbing to madness after downing a love philter that "confus'd the chemic labor of the blood," producing in him not sexual reignition but something like an acid trip, describes the poet seeing "flaring atom-streams / And torrents of [the] myriad universe/Ruining along the illimitable inane" (not to mention flames shooting from Helen's breasts).
GERMANY: Paul Hartmann AG has signed an agreement with Beiersdorf AG to acquire a 100% interest in Beiersdorf's affiliate Bode Chemic GmbH & Co.
Workers at Olmert's official Jerusalem residence are thickening walls, digg ing, and installing air purification equipment capable of countering chemic al agents, according to the report in Yedioth Ahronoth.
Only two had brain parenchymal abnormalities, both of which were consistent with past is chemic events.
The biologic mechanisms for the association between migraine and both is chemic and hemorrhagic stroke remain unclear, but possible mechanisms include genetic markers and the tendency toward an unfavorable cardiovascular risk profile in patients with migraine, Dr.
And as no chemic yet th'elixir got, / But glorifies his pregnant pot / If by the way to him befall / Some odoriferous thing, or medicinal": thus Donne, fondly noting that while alchemists may never succeed, in the course of their efforts they often make useful incidental discoveries--or at least help to pass the time.
The Polyurethane/Plastics Division of Rhein Chemic Rheinau GmbH in Mannheim-Rheinau, Germany, has developed the Stabaxol range of carbodiimides for use as hydrolysis stabilizers in adhesives, where they improve performance and lengthen service life.
These industries included asbestos mining (manufacture or installation), shipyards, railroad and automobile maintenance, chemic,his, and utilities.