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relating to or used in chemistry


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Laurent, President and CSO of Chemic Laboratories Inc.
Anabolic steroids, manufactured testosterone analogs that have been generated by making change in chemic structure in order to maximize and minimize anabolic effect and androgenic effect [17].
Within the past few years, Tennessee has successfully landed such firms as Alstom, Amazon, Confluence Solar, Hemlock Semiconductor, Volkswagen, and Wacker Chemic AG.
Cases in the study, which used data from Swedish National Healthcare Quality registers from 1991 through 2008, were 4,590 women who died of cardiovascular disease or had a first cardiovascular event - ischemic heart disease, is - chemic stroke, peripheral arterial disease, or atherosclerosis - and who gave birth to at least one child during the study period.
The Chemic ally Dependent: Phases of Treatment and Recovery.
It has even been reported to trigger transient is chemic attacks ("mini-strokes").
the Cleveland/Bradley Chamber of Commerce is undertaking efforts to make the region more welcoming to new German employers and employees, as it prepares for two new companies--Volkswagen and Wacker Chemic.
Animals were killed with ketamine and xylazine; fragments of regional popliteal lymph nodes were inoculated in medium culture 199 (Gibco, New York, USA), supplemented with 10% (v/v) fetal bovine serum (Gibco, New York, USA), 1% human urine, 20 mM L-glutamine (Sigma Aldrich Chemic, Steinhein, Germany), penicillin (Sigma, Steinhein, Germany), streptomycin sulphate (Sigma, St Louis, USA) and cultivated at 25 [degrees]C.
VIKINGS SUPPORTERS: Rossi Walsh-O'Niell (right) pictured with her sister Ellie and Coronation Street actor Alan Halsall who plays Tyrone Dobbs in the TV soap MASCOT: Widnes Vikings mascot Chemic
AoBut Aowhether or not the manufacture of these lead chlorides was deliberately connected to preventive health care by Egyptians,Ao the researchers wrote, Aoit is clear that such intentional production remains the first known example of a large scale chemic process.
Map highlights from West Yorkshire include: Chemic Tavern, Leeds The Flying Duck, Ilkley Fox and Goose, Hebden Bridge Millers Bar, Brighouse Shibden Mill Inn, Halifax For the full list, visit www.
Quite difficult are alternating influences and transformations of mechanic, thermal, electric and chemic energies, present limitations of our research, but plays an important role for finishing processes, because chemical and physical methods are obviously relevant for generating value-added at this fabricating level (Fandel, 2005).
PROMINENT - JC Stevenson became an MP, was a Mayor of South Shields and worked with the Tyne Improvement ADVENTURER - in here on James Stevenson-Hamilton helped found Kruger National Park in South Africa AUTH Steve HOR - H ew n son RISKY - One family member took sulphur from a volcano INDUSTRIAL PAST - The Friar's Goose Chemic cal Works, Gateshead in the 19th Century AMBITIOUS - A young JC Stephenson