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In modern times 'tortoiseshell' is used for marine turtles, not tortoises, which are terrestrial chelonians of the family Testudinidae (Frazier 2003: 21-22).
Chelonians comprise our second largest group of wildlife patients.
Vertebrates from the Marilia Formation are represented by anurans (Baurubatrachus pricei), lizards (Pristiguana brasiliensis), crocodilians (Itasuchus jesuinoi, Peirosaurus tormini, Uberabasuchus terrificus), chelonians (Cambaremys langertoni), dinosaurs (Abelisauridae, Carcharodontosauridae, Maniraptora, andeutitanosaurianBaurutitan britoi, Trigonosaurus pricei, Uberabatitan ribeiroi, Aeolosaurus).
The most numerous chelonians observed at all search sites in the Blanco River were the red-eared slider (Trachemys scripta) and Pseudemys texana, in roughly equal numbers.
Borneo is one of the largest tropical islands of the world and obviously supports a diverse fauna, including the 90 species of snakes, 80 lizards, 15 chelonians, two crocodilians and several turtles shown here in color.
Excess baggage on massive marine old Chelonians is ridiculously prohibitive.
In 1857 Louis Agassiz published his seminal Contributions to the Natural History of the United States of America, which included a review of the embryology of North American chelonians, in which he described the species as Actinemys marmorata.