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either of the first pair of fang-like appendages near the mouth of an arachnid

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On its outer edge, facing to the right and slightly to the rear, there were the following appendages: two segmented, but relatively short pedipalps (p3, p4) with gnatocoxa, and one chelicera behind them (c3) (Fig.
They concluded that these forms had more robust chelicera and better visual acuity than Acutiramus, and were thus active, visually capable predators.
Hoff (1964) doubtfully stated that the Floridian specimens have two blades in the rallum of the chelicera whereas the Cuban specimens definitely have three blades, but it could be because of the position of the chelicera during the permanent preparation of the specimen in his study.
Genital shield equal in width as compared to ventrianal shield; membranous infold present between genital and ventrianal shield; ventrianal shield vase shaped; chelicera fixed digit with 3 apical teeth; setae Z4 less than S4 in length .
a, body dorsal view 9x; b, chelicera ventrolateral view 24x; c, labium, maxillae and sternum ventral view 24x; d, epigyne internal view 60x; e-f, left male palp dorsolateral and ventrolateral views 18x.
Based on Chamberlin's single female, the genus Chinchippus can be recognized by: all the legs having a single tarsal segment, no claws on leg I, stridulating ridges on the mesal surface of the chelicera, lateral plates of the "rostrum" shorter than the median plates, and a recurved cephalothorax.
The drawings of different parts of the body like dorsal shield; chelicera, sternal, genital and ventrianal shields; spermatheca; peritremal shield base and Leg IV were prepared by using an ocular grid.
Chelicera 23 long, movable digit with 1 tooth, fixed digit with 2 teeth (Fig.
Chelicerae red-brown, with short white setae on anterior surface, surface granular; chelicera with single thick black seta on anterior surface of paturon, located just distal of cheliceral base; three evenly spaced teeth on promargin, median tooth largest, distal tooth smallest; two teeth on retromargin, close together and subequal in size; small cheliceral keel present; endites pale brown with scattered fine black setae, rounded on anterior margin, with well-developed serrula, straight on retrolateral and posterior margins; prolateral longitudinal ridge extending length of endites; labium brown, slightly wider than long.