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either of the first pair of fang-like appendages near the mouth of an arachnid

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Based on Chamberlin's single female, the genus Chinchippus can be recognized by: all the legs having a single tarsal segment, no claws on leg I, stridulating ridges on the mesal surface of the chelicera, lateral plates of the "rostrum" shorter than the median plates, and a recurved cephalothorax.
Using the methods of Muma (1951), Brookhart & Muma (1981, 1987), Muma & Brookhart (1988), and Brookhart & Cushing (2004), we measured total length; length ofpalpus, leg I, leg IV; length and width of chelicera and propeltidium; width of base of fixed finger; and length and width of female genital operculum using Spot Basic [TM] with an Olympus SZX12 microscope at 25X magnification.
Chelicerae red-brown, with short white setae on anterior surface, surface granular; chelicera with single thick black seta on anterior surface of paturon, located just distal of cheliceral base; three evenly spaced teeth on promargin, median tooth largest, distal tooth smallest; two teeth on retromargin, close together and subequal in size; small cheliceral keel present; endites pale brown with scattered fine black setae, rounded on anterior margin, with well-developed serrula, straight on retrolateral and posterior margins; prolateral longitudinal ridge extending length of endites; labium brown, slightly wider than long.