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a disorder of the lips marked by scaling and fissures at the corners of the mouth


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Results of clinical evaluation (n = 23 patients) Condition Percentage of patients Glossitis 48% Anemia 48% Cheilosis 26% Poor healing 48% Hair loss 52%
If your lower lip is puffy and has red or white spots, you may have a precancerous condition called actinic cheilosis.
Cheilosis, koilonychia, pica and behavioral disturbances in children may also be present.
The women presented with marked oral redness and soreness, atrophy of oral mucosa and tongue papillae, and angular cheilosis.
Adverse effects (Table 2) were more frequently associated with verum than placebo treatment and markedly so for skin rashes and cheilosis (n = 22), diarrhoea (n = 8) and amenorrhoea (n = 6).