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a person who prepares food for eating


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a professional cook

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Prices for the personal cheffing services were not available Thursday, but the Pomegranates Web site lists the cost of cooking classes at $35 per person for groups of four to eight, or $30 each for groups of nine to 12.
I left cheffing at 21 and joined the police service.
WE LOVE FOOD THE HAIRY BIKERS' NORTHERN EXPOSURE (BBC2, 8pm) STANDING out from the rest of the TV cheffing crowd, the Hairies know how to make a charming foodie programme.
But if cheffing is what you do for a living, the last thing you want is judge Monica Galetti rolling her eyes while you scrape the burned bits off your toast.
Simon, who moved from cheffing at Harvey Nichols in London to open a restaurant back in his native county, has always demanded the best, authentic ingredients from the membrillo (quince paste) to the chorizo.
The Yorkshireman came to Birmingham to train as a teacher, woke up one morning and decided he was ill equiped to throw chalk at children and moved into cheffing.
He decided at a young age that cheffing was for him, and served his first apprenticeship in his home town before taking his first of many jobs abroad, working in Switzerland for a year before returning to Germany to work in the Michelin-starred La Truffe Frankfurt.
The history of cheffing seems to be that it's m a l e -dominated and testos t e r o n e driven, but it doesn't have to be like that.
And the Royal Navy chefs have lots of other duties beyond cheffing, such as first aid and fire-fighting.
The latest reality import is a new take on cookery shows - which sets up cheffing as a sport.
Although cooking a bowl of penne is hardly rocket science we've all been presented with soggy or undercooked pasta, which boils down (pardon the pun) to bad organisation in the kitchen and sloppy cheffing.
LEITH'S School of Food and Wine reveals a substantial slice of professional cheffing during their Saturday morning practicals - there's a demonstration, a practical, then communal enjoyment of the finished meal over a glass of wine, pounds 95, www.
I stayed in Toronto for a year before travelling to Bermuda, Australia and Thailand to do some cheffing.