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long-legged spotted cat of Africa and southwestern Asia having nonretractile claws

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In addition, Cheetah has super strong claws and fangs that can pierce even metahuman skin.
This cheetah right here he's eaten about six pounds of deer meat at this time, and he's just calm," he said.
He said that Cheetah was under observation, and experts were in contact with the staff.
Cheetah Mobile may elect to receive up to USD 50m of the consideration in shares of Bytedance.
In its bid to raise public awareness, the project's most successful move was putting an image of the cheetah on the national football team's jerseys during the 2014 World Cup and the Asian Games in the same year.
The research will determine whether the existing Footprint Identification Technique (FIT) can be adapted to find out if individual cheetahs are related.
Cheetah Mobile's Global Business Development team will also assist Kiip to expand the size of their network by offering the "Cheetah Moments SDK" to publishers across the globe, predominantly in APAC as well.
Earlier Iranian Environmental Protection Organization announced that population of the Asiatic cheetah is approximately 70 to 120.
Our study found that whilst cheetahs are capable of running at exceptionally high speeds, the common adage that they simply 'outrun' their prey does not explain how they are able to capture more agile animals.
The cheetah is in a race against extinction, and every opportunity we get to tell the cheetah's story is important.
Before this, Wilson says, the most reliable published test had clocked a cheetah on a straightaway at 29 m/s, faster than horses at 19 m/s, racing greyhounds at 18 m/s or Bolt's peak 12 m/s.
Dr Laurie Marker has spent her professional career trying to save the cheetah, of which there are now just 10,000 left in the world.
His team videotaped cheetahs at a London zoo and a cheetah center in South Africa, using lures and embedded force plates, instruments that measure the forces generated by a body standing on or moving across them.
The Cheetah Conservation Project Zimbabwe has appealed for assistance in their cheetah survey.