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Synonyms for cheeseparing

giving or spending with reluctance

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Following our ruthless expos, however, I am delighted to be able to report that there appears to have been not just a reversal of the cuts but an abrupt change of heart on the part the previously cheeseparing management.
If passengers are looking for someone to blame, it would be the airlines with their cheeseparing attempts to get by without hiring enough pilots," Woerth said.
It seems so unfair and shows what a cheeseparing attitude the Treasury can adopt.
The "teacher famine," complained New York University education professor Adolphe Meyer, was caused by "economic cheeseparing.
During my fast, I placed myself between the solid white marble of the Capitol and an array of cardboard tombstones and cut-outs bearing the names and stories of Oregonians who already have died as a result of our cheeseparing.
I LIKE to be at the cutting edge - you know, fashion, lifestyle and cheeseparing.
It is true that it suffers from the result of Treasury cheeseparing dating from the time of its construction which limits its effectiveness.