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Synonyms for cheeseboard

tray on which cheeses are served


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That cheeseboard, though, was like a deli counter being wheeled around the dining room.
Three or four cheeses is ideal for cheeseboards separate knife for each cheese, serve them with "Allocate a separate knife for each cheese, serve them with some interesting seasonal accompaniments, and cut some slices off to encourage people to tuck in
Free Cheese Class: Creating the Perfect Cheeseboard - This mini-seminar will cover the art of creating the perfect cheeseboard using Castello[sup.
The cat and mouse cheeseboard is part of a 25th anniversary commemorative collection.
By further investing in our Christmas range with this deal, our aim was to show that our delicious cheeses are ideal for every occasion, from the festive family cheeseboard to the perfect gift.
Chris is exploring the possibilities presented by the traditional cheeseboard - with the working title, 'Cheeses of Nazareth'.
There were also cupcakes and a small cheeseboard with biscuits and chutney, washed down with a selection of drinks, including champagne.
Both are popular additions to The Bay Horse cheeseboard.
Total Foodservice area sales managers Paul Thompson and Damian Ely, who are both trained chefs, marked the opening by serving up a Lancashire twist on traditional tapas with a spread of 18 tapas dishes followed by a dessert, smoothies and a Spanish cheeseboard.
Other popular smear-ripened cheeses on the Christmas cheeseboard include Port de Salut, Livarot, Taleggio, Limburger and the Irish cheese Gubbeen.
For desert we shared the cheeseboard and it was good quality without being anything to shout about.
Is a cheeseboard a suitable accompaniment to this noble sport of ours, the working man's ballet?
Photo: Stripes of maple and purpleheart angle across this round teak cheeseboard
com along with existing participants such as JC Penney, PC Flowers & Gifts, The Cheeseboard, Computer Express and The Gift Sender.
The cheeseboard wasn't even on the menu but David, our waiter, didn't bat an eyelid and served up a Dolcelatte, Taleggio and goats cheese with crackers, maple syrup and roasted macadamias.