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a press for shaping cheese curd

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A Roman cheese press has been unearthed near the village after which one of the UK's most famous cheeses is named, archaeologists said yesterday.
A ROMAN cheese press, thought to be 2,000 years old, has been unearthed by archaeologists - aptly enough at Stilton, Cambs.
If a harder cheese is desired, the curds may be placed in a cheese press to expel more whey while allowing the curds to knit.
Most soft cheeses don't require a cheese press and will last, refrigerated, about a week.
5)alterations to existing cheese press for extra moulds.
Sure, you could just purchase a cheese press to convert your curds, but for less than the cost of four gallons of grocery-store milk (less if you can scrounge the parts), you can make your own.
Line the cheese press (or can) with a sterile handkerchief, pour the curds into it, fold the cloth over the top, place the cut-out lid over that, and put a weight on top of that.
It states that the Courtroom would replace the Cheese Press cafe, which closed in 2006, and implies there are no other cafes nearby, which is clearly wrong.
One of the UK's leading speciality organic sheep milk and organic cow's milk cheese manufacturers, Sussex High Weald Dairy, has recently invested in a brand new cheese press to help improve quality and increase capacity of its hand made, award winning cheeses.
Off the hall are also a cloakroom, separate wc, utility with glazed sink, and the dining room - a west-facing room with old inglenook and Jotul woodburner, lots of timbering and an old cheese press.
Line a cheese press with cheesecloth, scoop curds into the press and fold over any excess cheesecloth.
A cheese press (or make your own using a coffee can with the top and bottom cut out and something heavy such as a brick or books wrapped in butcher paper to press the cheese down).
At the rear of the house is a service courtyard with a dairy, cheese press room, abattoir, salting and smoking room, laundry, brewery and servants' bedrooms.
There are a couple of ancient ploughs, stone water troughs, water pumps and grindstones, there's even an old cheese press.