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fondue made of cheese melted in wine for dipping bread and sometimes fruits

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With the brand having more than 140 restaurants globally, the new venue will offer customers an interactive fondue experience featuring cheese fondues, salads, entrees and chocolate fondues.
What you do see frequently, particularly as a starter or sharer in bars and restaurants is baked cheese, normally a camembert baked in its box, just like my recipe, a kind of modern take on the cheese fondue.
The pair admits that the cheese fondue is a bit more temperamental to make than the chocolate varieties.
Aside from allowing me a mental rain, wind and flood evacuation route through the method of daydreaming about eating cheese fondue in a pair of salopettes at the top of a sunny mountain, clearly I have a penchant for the type of activity where the likes of little ol' Norway are able to trounce the almighty Americans/Russians/Germans (not to mention provide some snazzy fashion moments with that team curling clobber).
We were seated by a window in large, comfy chairs surrounding a tiny table (large enough to hold drinks), where we enjoyed our first round of drinks before our server suggested we move to a larger table area to accommodate the planned cheese fondue and sandwiches on our wish list.
You could have it with cheese fondue, or anything with fat in it, it would cut right through.
And at your next party, you might want to serve Pimento Cheese Fondue or Mango Coconut Rice Pudding.
In order to determine the effects of alcohol on the digestive system when rich meals are consumed, investigators at the University Hospital of Zurich, led by Dr Mark Fox now at the Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham, studied 20 individuals who either drank wine or black tea with cheese fondue followed by cherry liqueur or water as a digestive after the famous Swiss dish.
While good and exciting and raising the bar, dishes such as blancmange of Thai lemongrass on a mound of Peruvian goats cheese fondue were hardly indigenous.
Covering diverse methods for catching crabs with nets, handlines and traps, The Compleat Crabbe is enhanced with the natural history of the crab, crab lore and trivia, and a mouth-watering wealth of recipes ranging from Crab Dips, to Crab and Cucumber Sandwiches, Crab and Cheese Fondue, Company Seafood Casserole, Crab Neuberg, and more.
Even when the local aristocracy invited him once to a dinner party, the experience became a complete disaster as he realized that the main course was a typical Swiss specialty called cheese fondue.
Before going back out into the scorching heat, visitors can warm up with some cheese fondue and hot chocolate.
Reminiscent of the '70s apres-ski parties, Lagostina unveiled an updated version of a chocolate fondue set in glass and steel, as well as a cheese fondue set for cozy winter evenings.
For example, a cheese fondue may be accompanied with pickled onions, boiled potatoes, and cucumbers, while Bacchus and Burgundian fondues are served with bearnaise sauce (made with Chablis wine, onions, black pepper and tarragon), mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup and chutney.
For example, a cheese fondue may be accompanied with pickled onions,boiled potatoes and cucumbers, whileBacchus and Burgundian fondues are served with bearnaise sauce (made withChablis wine, onions,black pepper and tarragon), mayonnaise,mustard,ketchup and chutney.