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a kitchen utensil (board or handle) with a wire for cutting cheese

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525: Cheese Cutter, Hula Fun, Congress Tip, Ballylummin Band, Hold That Now, Kincraig Jem
Other new additions include an improved platform cheese cutter with a serrated and straight blade, a table waste bin for small trash collection and a cone-shaped table cheese grater.
2)supply pneumatic cheese cutter complete with necessary heads to cut 200mm wheel cheese in diameter and 70mm in height.
Lukasz Reszpondek, 30, a Polish cheese cutter working at a dairy in Wrexham, denies murdering Mrs Rodgers, 41, at his former home in Trinity Street, Rhostyllen, in January 2008.
Polish cheese cutter Lukasz Reszpondek, 30, was having "some kind of sexual relationship" with attractive 41-year-old Indonesian divorcee Ermatati (Tati) Rodgers, Mold Crown Court was told.
A cheese cutter was used to rip off the skin and flesh from his feet and legs.
Alpma GB announce that their 21st fixed weight cheese cutter has now been sold into the UK market making the Alpma Cut25 machine and its associated line the clear leader for this application.
Polish cheese cutter Lukasz Reszpondek told police that divorcee Ermatati Rodgers.
The latest development being undertaken by Wright Pugson takes the technology pioneered in their C28 Stilton cutter, a stage further to produce the new generation of their unique in-line design C23 block cheese cutter.
At St Fagans I was astonished to see many museum items that I still have in my storeroom - from cheese cutters and butter hands to blue paper bags and old scales.
ALPMA GB Ltd will be displaying examples from the extensive manufacturing programme of its parent company, be it cheese production equipment, packaging machines or the cheese cutters that lead the market.