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Synonyms for cheerlessness

a feeling of dreary or pessimistic sadness

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She worries about her father's future and in that connection thinks of Knightley as a consolation rather than as a joy: "Such a companion for herself in the periods of anxiety and cheerlessness before her
Let the young man, therefore, make the most of his youth, for the inevitable decay of bodily powers will come with advancing age, and the cheerlessness of Sheol will terminate all.
The extra hour of daylight at night could not compensate for the morning's misery, since it is always more pleasant travelling home at night when the shops are lit and people in the streets contribute to a more cheerful scenario, than the cheerlessness that is evident on dark mornings.
Like visiting an out-of-season funfair there's an air of cheerlessness amid the patina of garish fun.
We neither know the reason for the six years of her cheerlessness, nor do we learn anything else about her identity.
dding to the cheerlessness, we also endured 90 minutes of moronic catcalling aimed at Tomasz Radzinski.
The onset of effect on the core symptoms of depression (depressed mood, cheerlessness, exhaustion) through additional valerian therapy is comparable in terms of time with St John's wort monotherapy (2-3 weeks) (Laakmann, 1998).