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an enthusiastic and vocal supporter

someone who leads the cheers by spectators at a sporting event

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Realising she had strayed from the script, the cheerleader very quickly stopped applauding after another team member next to her nudged her with an elbow and whispered under her breath, presumably warning her to stop.
Casting calls were organized with the help of Cheerleader Casting, a specialty casting service, that provides studios and networks with profiles of real cheerleaders needed for acting, background, stunting as well as dancers for parts in movies, television, web-series, music videos and commercials.
Besides, even the cheerleaders have failed to impress with their done- todeath routines and rather glamourless outfits.
According to Alexandrou, it's not necessary to be a great dancer to be a cheerleader, and unlike dance, size and experience doesn't matter.
Banking on the notion that cheerleaders are among the most popular kids in school, marketers are hoping the cheerleaders will influence their peers and shape opinions on shampoos, makeup, deodorant and other products.
Another Souths cheerleader, who did not want to be named, said: "How would we make people feel uncomfortable?
In one modified pyramid, Mary Katherine lifts a squad mate above her head and helps to throw the cheerleader into the air.
Believe it or not, activist cheerleaders are becoming more and more popular in high schools and colleges throughout North America.
It was amazing how much it lifted spirits," says Suzanne Galloway, 31, a cheerleader from Kitchener-Waterloo.
The stereotypical cheerleader is the quintessential airhead who is only shaking her pom-poms to lure a well-paid NFL superstar to the altar.
His essay, entitled "Cherished" boldly describes Harris' experience as the first black male cheerleader at his alma mater, the University of Arkansas.
Competitive cheerleading sets the stage for the girl-meets-boy teen scenario, with head cheerleader Kirsten Dunst drawn to new kid Jesse Bradford (the lead in last year's hustler indie Speedway Junky).
She is Debbie Jackson, a freelance music journalist from East Kilbride who was sent by a national newspaper to cover the first cheerleader auditions.
Singer Madonna was furious when it was revealed that an ex-lover was being sued for having unprotected sex with a stunning 20-year-old cheerleader.
R] Campaign and American Cheerleader magazine, to launch the " Be Strong" Challenge.