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Synonyms for cheering

Synonyms for cheering

inspiring confidence or hope

Synonyms for cheering

encouragement in the form of cheers from spectators


Related Words

providing freedom from worry

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In one moving scene, the group also performs at Hampshire County Jail, where initially skeptical prisoners cheeringly embrace them at the end of the performance.
More cheeringly, we also see the strides that science is making in mapping the brain as Mosley gamely allows his own to be tinkered with.
NO-ONE who experienced the cheeringly wholehearted effort that was on display at a sunny Ascot yesterday could fail to wish the Blue Square Shergar Cup well.
During an earlier illness, banished to the country, he had been irritated at hearing a friend cheeringly refer to "Dame Nature"; "Damn Nature" he snapped.
Another reason for looking abroad are the continued persistence of price controls on medicines in Argentina - a major deterrent for multinationals - and more cheeringly, some signs of a harder line being taken by medicines regulator ANMAT.