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in a cheerful manner

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And if James Bond had 'Bond girls,' Jane Bond should also have a 'Bond boy,' to which Hemsworth cheerily volunteered himself: 'I could be the Bond man, cool.
Bermuda Thoroughbred Racing Limited named an Acclamation colt Johnny Barnes in honour of the legendary local, who for 30 years waved cheerily at commuters every morning by the Crow Lane roundabout.
Farmer David: The Dunster Show" is a cheerily illustrated chapter story based upon the author's rural boyhood experiences on a farm in Somerset, England, near Dunster.
EPISODES BBC2 10pm Former Friends star Matt Le Blanc (right) carries on cheerily laughing at himself.
Performers Isabelle Joss, Ross Allan and Louise Montgomery and director Clare McGarry do a cheerily eye–catching job with Martin O'Connor's script, singing old–fashioned Scottish kids' songs, playing a bit of live action puppet theatre and reminiscing over trips doon the watter.
Michelle Obama's face says it all - she is clearly unimpressed when Danish PM Helle Thorning-Schmidt greets Barack Obama too cheerily and later they join David Cameron in a selfie
I asked cheerily after entering a dark hide on the shores of Loch Upyourdaughters.
The Pope's twitter profile picture shows him waving cheerily in front of a photo of Vatican City, it added.
BRAD JONES ended a whirlwind week by helping Liverpool reach the FA Cup final - then cheerily admitted he has no chance of playing in the showpiece.
And she cheerily posed, apparently dropping a fish into her mouth, during a holiday on the Caribbean isle of Trinidad.
Cheerily presented with simple graphics, We Rule is easy to get into.
Angela South, of Expat Pensions, consort of ASAP PR's Andy Skinner, turned up for an early morning flight at Heathrow and cheerily handed over her passport at check in.
Before it opened, experts were cheerily predicting it would change the way we shop forever.
This, after all, is the man who very nearly troubled the last Christmas Top Ten with a lovely seasonal little number cheerily entitled 'We're All Gonna Die'.
So, Yasmin's bobbing breasts, as she cheerily pulls pints of Guinness is an example of our new Ireland.