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Synonyms for cheerily

in a cheerful manner

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I doubt they obey that call more cheerily than the bells for primes and matins.
Perfectly right," he interrupted very cheerily, "perfectly right--a gentleman and a magistrate.
Good-morrow, good fellow," said Robin cheerily, "methinks by the bow you bear in your hand that you should be a good archer.
Then he mixed a narcotic, and coming over to the bed, said cheerily, "Now, little miss, here is your medicine.
Do not take it to heart," answered his companion cheerily.
Their Digger proved an excellent guide, trudging cheerily in the advance.
Bradbury made light of the danger, and started off cheerily upon his ramble.
Oh, never fear, you'll get on your legs again," said Newman cheerily.
he sang cheerily, as though he were watch on a big liner.
Good morning, Padre,' the Englishman said cheerily.
At one time it would be Ikki the Porcupine, full of news of good feed just a little farther on; at another Mang would cry cheerily and flap down a glade to show it was all empty; or Baloo, his mouth full of roots, would shamble alongside a wavering line and half frighten, half romp it clumsily back to the proper road.
Affection will burn cheerily when the white flame of love is flickered out.
I expect you've got a good lot to learn," the headmaster bellowed cheerily.
It will soon be over, father," John said cheerily, and then in rushed Wendy with the medicine in a glass.
It don't take much drinking, this, General," she remarked, cheerily draining her glass