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Synonyms for cheery

Synonyms for cheery

being in or showing good spirits

providing joy and pleasure

Synonyms for cheery

bright and pleasant


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The weather between Saturday and Easter Monday is likely to remain frosty and cold but with "some cheerier sunnier spells".
The Deer Hunter THE uproarious Russian Orthodox wedding reception at the start of this lengthy Vietnam war epic should be one of its cheerier moments.
I just think the trip to the mall could be made less soul destroying if people started being a little cheerier with each other
Comscore's smartphone report offered a slightly cheerier outlook for Steve Ballmer and company--it suggested that a Microsoft-built platform is used by as much as 4 percent of smartphone owners.
On a cheerier note, Deegan (pictured) was delighted to log his third goal of the season and has welcomed the arrival of young midfielder Oliver Norwood from Manchester United.
I wish I could offer a cheerier outlook but it would be naive to think otherwise.
And although he tries to convince us a combination of global warming and the inevitable embarrassment of next year''s Olympics opening ceremony means we''re all doomed, the world''s definitely a cheerier place with him in it.
The 'Notting Hill' star seemed cheerier than usual at the bash that featured the vodka luge ice sculpture of a naked lady with legs spread in the air.
HUGH GRANT seemed cheerier than usual at a posh Chelsea party last week which featured a vodka luge ice sculpture of a naked lady with legs spread in the air.
The warm glow of the city's winter sun just got cheerier for one-time Miss India hopeful- turned-author-and-yoga teacher Ira Trivedi.
For example, the Carrier Clinic in New Jersey created warmer, cheerier rooms by painting gray cinder-block walls with hues named Gleeful, June Day, Wisteria, Inspiring Lilac, Butter Up, and Exciting Orange (See behavioral.
Eased credit worries also provided a cheerier outlook for the U.
Cheerier material inside includes, surreally, images of Toad Hall from that old children's favourite, Wind in the Willows.
Time to switch off the news and find some cheerier TV fare.
JP Morgan yesterday added to positive sentiment on banks after its profits fall was not as bad as feared, with cheerier news on America's housing market helping boost stocks.