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Synonyms for echo

Synonyms for echo

repetition of sound via reflection from a surface

imitative reproduction, as of the style of another

one who mindlessly imitates another

to send back the sound of

to copy (another) slavishly

Synonyms for echo

the repetition of a sound resulting from reflection of the sound waves

(Greek mythology) a nymph who was spurned by Narcissus and pined away until only her voice remained

a reply that repeats what has just been said

a reflected television or radio or radar beam

a close parallel of a feeling, idea, style, etc.

an imitation or repetition

Related Words

ring or echo with sound

call to mind


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If Gordon Brown announced that at the Labour Party conference he would be cheered to the echo," said Mr Edmonds.
Cheered to the echo simply for making his appearance for the pre-match warm-up, the response at the final whistle was delirious.
Down that horsewalk and round through the press of admiring racegoers below the paddock he was cheered to the echo, and when he set foot in the winner's enclosure a great wave of acclamation broke out from the packed steppings.
Booed off after playing for Scotland in midweek, Gary McAllister was cheered to the echo by Coventry supporters who had offered their own scathing criticism of him in recent months.
The winner was cheered to the echo by the 72-member Morning Dew Racing Club, who poured into the winner's enclosure praising the trainer, who had told them all to have a punt.
Cheered to the echo on his return to winner's enclosure, Limestone Lad had performed his usual front-running act under Paul Carberry and again defied all comers.
1-2-3 on this week's Campo de Golf course in the 1995 Spanish Open - and the two members of the victorious Dunhill Cup team taking part, the two Miguel Angels, Martin and Jimenez, will have every birdie cheered to the echo.
Backed from 16-1 down to 8-1 on course, Stand By was produced to take it up from the pacemaking Seven Of Spades two furlongs out, and she was cheered to the echo from that point as she pulled clear to score as she pleased.
At the age of 12, the injury-plagued hero's best days are almost certainly behind him, but his popularity remains undimmed and Tom Foley's veteran was cheered to the echo as he dug deep under Shay Barry to see off Jeffell by two and a half lengths.
Limestone Lad, cheered to the echo from the final hurdle to the winning post by his growing band of supporters, warmed up for the Bonusprint Stayers' Hurdle at Cheltenham by trouncing his three rivals by 20 lengths in the McCabe Builders Ltd Boyne Hurdle at Navan yesterday, writes Tony O'Hehir.