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Synonyms for cheep

the short weak cry of a young bird


Related Words

make high-pitched sounds

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He said the government has launched many hydel projects to provide cheeper electricity to the consumers.
Charlene Products Cheeper Direct Mail CHOICES Education Group Clark County School District CNC Software, Inc.
In October the ASA upheld a complaint by Boots that a Tesco leaflet claiming it was cheeper than Boots on prices was misleading.
Right son, now give yer Auntie Senga a wee cheeper before yer aff tae the trainin'.
He said the smooth supply of electricity would be ensured through LNG on a cheeper rates.
Earlier, president DBA Malik Ayub Sialvi said that under the article 37 of Constitution of Pakistan, it wsa the duty of the state to provide cheeper and speedy justice to people at their door steps.
He said Pakistan had many opportunities for Turk investors as cheeper raw material was available to them as compared to other markets of the region.