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Cheeky, inherently sensing something was wrong, headed for the sanctuary of her basket but her legs would not carry her.
ABOUT CHEEKY: Cheeky is a lifestyle brand redefining the boring paper plate and helping end hunger in the process.
If I wanted to be cheeky to Barry I would say the Labour Party did nine miles of electrification in 13 years.
As a unique edutainment concept designed as a destination where children learn as they play, Cheeky Monkeys provides a well-established platform from which Marka can drive its next phase of expansion," Khaled Almheiri, Vice-Chairman, Marka told Gulf News.
Cheeky Chilli now has a team in place at the zoo, devising new menus, while freshening up the cafe and restaurant with a mini facelift Led by Kim Maher, who once worked at the zoo herself, the focus will be on fresh and tasty food, made using local produce and with a strong nod to traditional Welsh recipes.
Cheeky was treated by a vet over the weekend and is now back in her stable at the farm where her condition is being monitored.
Lynne Machin, founder of Cheeky Moo, said: "I am really pleased to have won the competition.
Dizzee said: "Prince Harry was joking around and being a bit cheeky, so I told him, 'If you weren't royalty I would've punched you in the face by now'.
Rachael's brother Nicholas has recently replaced Lib Dem Lembit Opik in the affections of Cheeky Girl Gabriela Irimia.
The girls are about to release a new record, Cheeky Racing Car, which looks set to emulate the success of previous smash hits, We Are The Cheeky Girls, Cheeky Flamenco and Have A Cheeky Christmas.
CHEEKY bottom pinchers have been raiding Coventry noticeboards for saucy posters advertising sexy stage show Casanova.
Charlotte ended her silence of the lambs and said: "Gordon Ramsay is such a cheeky monkey.
He has been having to deny rumours he's got himself betrothed to Gabriela Irimia after the Cheeky Girl was spotted wearing what looked like an engagement ring.
Mr Opik has become a fixture on the paparazzi circuit after he revealed before Christmas he was dating one half of twin-girl pop act the Cheeky Girls, Romanian Gabriela Irimia.