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A high-grade cheekiness that parallels in some way the cheekiness of those manifestos of architecture, whether 'Esprit Nouveau', 'Situationist', Archigram' or anything else.
DaimlerChrysler may still be mulling what to do with SMART, but former Lotus and Prodrive executive Hugh Kemp is leaning toward production of a unique two-place city car that combines the maneuverability of a motorcycle and the cheekiness of DCX's commuter-mobile.
He said: 'It's a goal of geometric cheekiness, beautifully played by the classic, misshapen Scot
Her cheekiness mirrored the style of famous Essex girls such as model Jodie Marsh, Linda Robson and Pauline Quirke of TV's Birds Of A Feather, presenter Denise Van Outen and athlete Sally Gunnell.
Stern are often his main and trusted authorities), he fills in with felicitous phrasing, sprightly intuition, a knack for the apt quotation, or even a pinch of witty cheekiness.
Also fully acknowledging the need for a big dose of fun in their designs, russell+hazel have thrown more than a hint of cheekiness into their line of products.
Herzog's offhanded cheekiness quickly gets irritating, and his refusal to structure his insights in a readily intelligible way is downright maddening, at least to an historian who stubbornly adheres to the old-fashioned belief that argumentative clarity is a virtue.
I'M sure I am not the only person to have noticed the cheekiness of the latest TV advert for the Ford Focus.
A genuine sense of fun with a bit of cheekiness pervaded the performances of principals Maria Mosina and Koichi Kubo and soloist Michelle Dolighan.
They interpreted California's sparkling waters and vivid sunsets, modern fashion styles and everyday objects into iconic images that immortalized the vibrancy and cheekiness of the casual California beach life," explained Harrison.
But it wasn't totally solo because the cheekiness of the lineout manoeuvre which totally fooled the Glasgow defence was equally stunning.
Considered rather saucy at the time and sometimes banned by the BBC, today they have a cheekiness which appeals rather than appals.
I think she's a wonderful actress who brings a lot of fun, cheekiness and charm to her films as well as her good looks
Meanwhile the lads, known for their cheekiness, larked around on stage with Liam stealing a shoe from Niall before throwing it into the crowd, only for it never to emerge again.