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Kangaroo rats and pocket mice stuff seeds in their external cheek pouches.
The cheek pouches were examined and scored for irritation prior to and after each dose.
When cheek pouches are at their full size, they can sometimes stretch to their shoulders.
The kangaroo rats scratched in the soil with their hind legs, rubbed their sides and their bellies in the dust and stroked the sides and front of their faces at and around the cheek pouches with the front feet.
When he fills his cheek pouches full of seeds, he is like a little lion with a mane.
Chocolate can also cause complications for hamsters which are particularly vulnerable to the sticky nature of chocolate, leading to problems with their cheek pouches.
The cheek pouches are lined with a very dry delicate layer of skin and the signs of impaction are salivation, not eating and facial swelling.