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Synonyms for cheek

Synonyms for cheek

Synonyms for cheek

an impudent statement

either of the two large fleshy masses of muscular tissue that form the human rump

impudent aggressiveness

speak impudently to

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According to CE Steve Phiri, consolidation is a must in the Rustenburg area where the company operates cheek by jowl with Impala, Wesizwe and the Western Bushveld Joint Venture.
Cheek by Jowl is a collection of Le Guin's musings on fantasy--in particular on children's books and on animals and their complex interconnection with the humans who inhabit and/or invade their worlds.
It is essential for the area to be able to grow to live cheek by jowl with the new emerging green industries, and what better way than to support a community sports team.
Pakistani officials say a senior al-Qaeda leader of Egyptian origin has been killed in a US drone strike in the militancy-plagued tribal region of North Waziristan, lying cheek by jowl with the Afghanistan border.
The production is directed by Owen Horsley, who joins Love & Madness from the Cheek by Jowl theatre company.
It also sits alongside significant touring companies ranging from Prospect to Cheek by Jowl.
Instead, this eight-unit housing development has been shaped for a specific user group, providing cheek by jowl rental accommodation for a community of Japanese petrol heads, of the two-wheel variety.
He said: "Melling is cheek by jowl with Kirkby and I know it's of great concern to residents.
BEIRUT, Lebanon -- When clashes broke out during a nationwide strike in Lebanon, some of the worst fighting rocked Christian areas, where rival factions live cheek by jowl.
Director DECLAN DONNELLAN is joint founder of Cheek by Jowl theatre company in London with designer and partner Nick Ormerod, and is the author of The Actor and the Target.
Normally one does not hang around when one is not welcome, particularly after 100 years of living cheek by jowl with one's sworn enemies -- which is why I cannot agree with Richard Cohen's advice that ``it is best for Israel to hunker down.
When it comes to evolution, however, the legal group stands cheek by jowl with the establishment.
Presented by Cheek by Jowl at the Brooklyn Academy of Music's Harvey Theatre, Brooklyn, New York.
For about two months, at Lincoln Center, two companies, the New York City Ballet and American Ballet Theatre, perform cheek by jowl at the New York State Theater and Metropolitan Opera House, respectively.
In Central Harlem, Brownsville, and East New York--areas deprived of institutions and job opportunities--dozens of mosques (Sunni, NOI, Five Percenter and Nuwaubian) have arisen, standing cheek by jowl with dozens of churches, all trying to provide some order and guidance.