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a rein designed to keep the horse's head in the desired position


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Soon the checkrein and the cruel practice of docking short ears and tails disappeared.
Overcheck Rein--A checkrein that passes over a horse's head between the ears.
The book, a fictional autobiography of a gentle, highbred horse, had a strong moral purpose and is said to have been instrumental in abolishing the cruel practice of using the checkrein.
The quadriceps functions as a dynamic stabilizer of the patella, while the MPFL acts as a static checkrein to resist lateral translation of the patella.
The muscular envelope functions as a dynamic splint and protects the cervical spine during ROM, whereas the ligamentous structures act as a checkrein, limiting motion at the end points.
Springs and wires were attached to the pelvis and femur to simulate the checkrein effects of the short rotator muscles and the iliotibial band.