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a counter in a supermarket where you pay for your purchases


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In a recent survey conducted in the UK, parents have shown their frustration that full of junk food has been made available near the supermarket checkout counters.
Anyone who buys three of them gets a special wooden board at the retail checkout counter.
Shoppers filled baskets with the products they needed and took the baskets to the checkout counter where the entire basket was scanned in an instant with the total appearing immediately.
Beneath the steel insertion, space is given over for a more conventional and accessible display area and checkout counter Storage and preparation space is provided more discretely in a backyard.
This solution enables us to provide our customers with speed, accuracy and simplicity at the checkout counter," says William Johnson, director of telecommunications for Foot Locker.
Imhoff's simple answer to that confounding checkout counter question, "paper or plastic?
It would be much easier for the new pastor if there were a list of do's and don'ts, like in those checkout counter magazines: "Ten ways to make him your love slave
Other tracing methods are also being tested, like miniaturized bar coding and cameras with advanced recognition technology that can identify fruits and vegetables at the checkout counter.
Healy mentions that Sports Beans are available in 1-ounce single-serving packages packed in 24-count display caddies suitable for the checkout counter.
I suspect that the four people making change at every department store checkout counter or the two women piloting one elevator did not succeed in calculus class.
The hope of all those magazine publishers is that you will see the photo of someone famous whom you want to know more about and run to the checkout counter with a copy of that magazine.
In the example used by the Supreme Court, "if Catalina's manufacturer-client is Campbell Soup, Campbell can contract to have a coupon reading 'one dollar off your next purchase of Campbell Soup' printed at the supermarket checkout counter whenever someone purchases a can of its soup, in order to encourage repeat business.
In Continual Distance: checkout counter, one object, 2003, for instance, the sculptural bottom and top of the piece are envisioned in the locked embrace of a checkout counter and register at your local Staples.
I know he is gallant because he is invariably cheerful, despite standing at his checkout counter for hours on end.
The Group also intends to introduce self-scanning shopping carts that eliminate the need to remove items at the checkout counter.