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a counter in a supermarket where you pay for your purchases


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Yes, it is embarrassing at the checkout counter when we're unable to complete the transaction as fast as the younger customers.
While courts rarely grant summary judgment in cases like this, we are now focused on going to trial and defending consumers' right to choose how to pay at the checkout counter.
She stressed, however, that today's good news should not be an excuse for consumers -- or retailers -- to let their vigilance down at the checkout counter.
The Wind Power Card[TM], a first-of-its-kind product, goes on sale today at almost 80 Whole Foods Market locations in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas and Washington, allowing shoppers to purchase wind energy credits at the checkout counter.
At ECHO Food Shelf, MRCI Ease volunteers prepared donations, stocked shelves, cleaned, and managed the checkout counter.
After being driven off the ship, vehicles lined up and went through a process similar to a checkout counter at a supermarket: Soldiers took inventory of each piece of equipment by passing a hand-held scanner the size of a walkie-talkie over a bar code label plastered on the side of each item.
Using VisaNet connections, transaction message formats, and settlement processes, the service allows consumers to add funds to eligible Visa reloadable prepaid cards at a merchant's checkout counter as follows:
The five stores were accused of charging customers more for some items than advertised by scanning in a higher price at the checkout counter.
Half an hour later, she stood at a checkout counter amid a multitude of other shoppers to pay for her purchases.
The continued improvement in our performance is a result of the supermarket industry's increasing acceptance of and commitment to Electronic Payment Systems at the checkout counter," states Jeffrey B.
At the checkout counter in most supermarkets, of course.
We like the speed, convenience and efficiency, but there always lurks the suspicion that the stores are using scanners to slip overcharges past us at the checkout counter.
The machine will refer people who owe fines or who have overdue books to the checkout counter, Gill said.
We're happy to assist QFC in providing a service that helps increase both customer convenience and speed at the checkout counter.