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a list of items (names or tasks etc

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Hamilton will deliver a presentation on PeriCALM CheckList in a breakout session at 7:15 a.
When a reporter asked what was on his checklist for an ideal Bond movie on the red carpet, the Austrian went on a bizarre rant.
In other words, as the authors wrote, "Implementation of surgical safety checklists in Ontario, Canada, was not associated with significant reductions in operative mortality or complications.
Surgical safety checklists have evolved from a campaign by the World Health Organization (WHO) launched in 2008, "Safe Surgery Saves Lives.
Practical homicide investigation checklist and field guide, 2d ed.
I believe it's critical that employees do the work creating the checklists, rather than you doing the work for them.
Then, late last year, individual functional checklist managers went through all of the identified checklists to determine which ones apply to which types of units and mission sets.
In response, various tools such as checklists have been implemented, but many without empirical testing.
I then take time to review all of my previous checklists items to make sure I haven't missed something.
The research team found the death and complication rates were lowest when staff adhered most closely to the checklists.
The College of American Pathologists (CAP) protocols and checklists were created to improve the quality and uniformity of information in pathology reports, leading to improved patient care and management.
The Surg-i-Scan(TM) "digital" surgical safety checklist software has been designed to reinforce and document improved surgical safety protocols in hospitals and outpatient clinics using or considering use of surgical safety checklists during surgical procedures.
He recounts the development of checklists in aviation.