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a list of items (names or tasks etc

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It is due to the non availability of the screening checklist which can meet the local norms to find out the learning difficulties in the subject of mathematics at primary level in Punjab.
CAP releases 2017 Laboratory Accreditation Program checklists to improve laboratory quality.
Braun developed an interactive online reinforcement program to maintain nurse rater proficiency between time gaps in checklist use and to help ensure consistency of results.
Print a new version of the checklist periodically, indicating the steps that need to be completed within the specified time frame.
Based on WHO surgical checklist guidelines, the 2007 American Dental Association guide for dental records, and personal experiences in dentistry and aviation, the authors proposed a dental checklist for outpatient dental visits.
With the aim of improving patient safety following surgery, a checklist was developed by the WHO patient safety programme.
In a perfect world, every pilot has a copilot who reads the checklist to the pilot.
Whenever you are interrupted in the midst of a checklist (answering a radio call, rushed on a compressed timeline, or seeing something in the tactical situation requiring closer scrutiny), recognize the interruption.
Inspired by the successful use of checklists in aviation and different health-care departments, a RALRP procedural checklist was developed to help staff set up the theatre and work through the procedure.
Three years on from Mark's story, Miranda Pope, charge nurse manager at Canterbury District Health Board, sees a lot of progress, but still sometimes a misunderstanding of the essence of the checklist.
Soon after this article was published, many hospitals quickly implemented checklists and in several jurisdictions a safety checklist became mandatory; the Ontario government mandated checklists in 2010.
Practical homicide investigation checklist and field guide, 2d ed.
An editing checklist can bring back focus by making evident what has been done and more important, what is yet to be done.
However, as Atul Gawande, MD, MPH, mentioned in his book The Checklist Manifesto, checklists can't teach a pilot how to fly a plane--that is best achieved through simulation.