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a board having 64 squares of two alternating colors

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Before finally proving the main theorem, we show that the Checkerboard Conjecture holds for checkerboards of special size.
Since 18 [equivalent to] 6 (mod 11 + 1)(6 [not member of] {1, 11, 11 [+ or -] [equivalent to] 4 (mod 6 + 1)(4 [not member of] {1, 6, 6 [+ or -] 1}), and 6 [equivalent to] 1 (mod 4 + 1) (1 [member of] {1, 4, 4[+ or -]1}), after obtaining a solution for a 1 x 4 checkerboard, one can recursively construct solutions for 4 x 6, 6 x 11, and 11 x 18 checkerboards, as shown in Figure 6.
Suppose that the squares of an m x n checkerboard (m rows and n columns), where mn [greater than or equal to] 2, are alternately colored black and red.
Figure 1(b) shows a placement of 6 coins on a 3 x 8 checkerboard such that the number of coins on neighboring squares of every black square is even and the number of coins on neighboring squares of every red square is odd.
In order to verify the Checkerboard Theorem, we first introduce some additional definitions and notation and present some preliminary results in Section 2.
For an m x n checkerboard C, let S = B [union] R be the set of mn squares in C, where B and R are the sets of black and red squares, respectively, and let [s.
Here an elderly station wagon and a motorcycle crowd the front of a Checkerboard Square that seems to be crying out for restoration, or at least a coat of paint.
Glass serveware and salad sets bear a checkerboard design.
1 -- cover -- color) Traditional wood decks can be given an urban contemporary look such as this colorful checkerboard design created with Thompson's new Water Seal Deck & House Solid Latex Stain products, finished with clear waterproofing.
Data Matrix codes, which resemble small checkerboards, are found on an increasing number of products.
In an earlier series, "Variations on Rubens," 1986-93, fauns and maidens frolic amid swirls of richly saturated colors surrou nded and supported by bold checkerboards of primary and secondary hues; this antiphonal discourse is both raucous and reassuring, as nothing is out of control in a structural system that both sustains and provokes natural exuberance.
Patterns are based primarily on geometric shapes, including checkerboards, borders, triangles and stripes.
Of course a flag or a target can never really be as neutral as all that--certainly not compared with the neutrality of the formats Scully employs: checkerboards, stripes, bars.
The marks are less than an eighth of an inch square, resemble scrambled checkerboards, and typically contain 60 characters of information.
The effect is shocking, like seeing a rainbow on your checkerboard.