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a board having 64 squares of two alternating colors

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In order to verify the Checkerboard Theorem, we first introduce some additional definitions and notation and present some preliminary results in Section 2.
Checkerboard has grown at a rapid pace since our founding and is now one of the Top 10 stationers in the United States — dedicated manufacturers of fine stationery products for celebrating life's events.
A solid educational curriculum can be built around the EcoRaster Checkerboard.
Arrange squares, alternating colors as needed, to resemble a checkerboard.
The convention visitors told Checkerboard owner Micah S.
Although eventually beaten 33 lengths in sixth, Checkerboard was keen early on before just finding a lack of match practice all too much in the finish.
Hendy boasts a computer server-room complete with a disco ball and black and white checkerboard tile floor.
The land acquisitions are square-mile parcels that checkerboard the Sierra Nevada river canyons -- a legacy of 19th century railroad land grants.
A games area includes early bingo and Pick-up-Stix games, a tiny piano, a checkerboard, jump ropes.
The land is like a checkerboard and really disrupts the way we manage the park.
Each rectangular tile is colored to produce a checkerboard pattern in which each square is half a unit wide.
I missed the colors of the checkerboard of exotic faces that make up the complexion of L.
On the Revas Anticline Empire can earn 100% of the working interest on 10,000 acres, based on a 160 acre checkerboard pattern, by drilling wells.
True to good form, Stewart gave each guest a small booklet, with a red-and-white checkerboard border, detailing not only the lunch and dessert menus but also recipes for each item, starting with oven-cured tomatoes and marinated artichokes.
The privately owned lands are parcels that checkerboard the Sierra Nevada river canyons -- a legacy of 19th century railroad land grants.