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a book issued to holders of checking accounts

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We couldn't be more proud of our association with the Office of the Comptroller of the City of New York and the launch of Checkbook NYC," said Scott Fletcher, REI Systems Chief Operating Officer .
Nine months ago, Comptroller Judy Baar-Topinka rejected our request for the state's checkbook.
A man distracted the shoppers by asking them questions about grocery products while his woman partner surreptitiously lifted wallets and checkbooks from the victims' purses, deputies said.
Luke's Medical Center says, "We are extremely happy to be recognized by AARP Magazine and Consumers' Checkbook.
And merchants win because the checkbook is a low-cost way to pull new customers in the door.
Upon the arrival of the debit card, some thought checkbooks were on their way out for good.
Checks, return address labels and a coordinating leather checkbook cover are available.
The Frisco Bay self-service checkbook printer allows a customer to print up to 20 personalized checks at a time.
The ST9420 allows users to effectively put the checkbook in the local office and still maintain centralized control.
The Agospap offers right opening during certain events in life a gift checkbook - On the occasion of a birth: a gift for young parents checkbook worth EUR 30- On the occasion of a marriage or a civil partnership: a gift for young parents checkbook worth 77 EUR,- After a number of years of work: a gift checkbook: medalists, worth EUR 100 110 EUR or 120 EUR depending on the number of years worked,- Christmas for children 9 to 11 years, a gift of EUR 20 check instead of a Christmas gift,- Christmas for children of 12 years, a gift of EUR 35 check instead of a Christmas gift.
I brought my checkbook with me so I could pay my caddie before I left,''
In the survey, more than 42 percent of consumers indicated their displeasure at carrying a checkbook.
Awards: American Express Vacations' Best of the Best 2004; Washington Consumers' Checkbook (Winter 2004-2005) - The Checkbook's Top Rating For Quality.
Contract notice: Services to award a contract to purchase orders for the construction and management of work checkbook energy device north energy solidarity for the realization of energy renovation and solidarity to households ~fragile~ in precarious situations energy housed in the private park of the northern department.
BURBANK - Coming to a checkbook near you: Mickey Mouse and all his friends.