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the act of reporting your presence (as at an airport or a hotel)

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With more updates planned in early 2016, Supercuts expects to reach 2 million check-ins even faster.
First-time marijuana offenders who opt for First Chance can avoid being charged if they successfully complete eight hours of community service or an eight-hour class, along with regular check-ins with a probation officer.
Information available in these apps may include data on booked trips, web check-ins, boarding passes, baggage labels and bag tracking information.
It is designed to benefit Cvent customers by simplifying and expediting the onsite check-in process at meetings and events for planners.
Personalized check-in notifications: While you can turn on or off notifications of friends' check-ins, you can choose to be notified when a particular friend checks in somewhere in your city or anywhere else.
Soon after downloading Cloak, one can connect it with Foursquare and Instagram to know the whereabouts of the contacts on the mentioned networks through their most recent check-ins.
SpotOn used its tablet-based incentive program to track check-ins at each San Diego merchant location.
The departures systems include new check-ins with integrated X-ray screening, providing a more advanced in-line screening system and smoother passenger flow, as well as improved security.
The authors explain how to complete pre-assessments before a new unit, concept check-ins, and specific skill probes.
com and for check-ins on synced Foursquare accounts.
For starters, it means that the days when you had to only worry about your guests' physical check-in experience are probably gone and you'd do well to also monitor 'virtual check-ins'.
Digital check-ins are a relatively new development at hospitals and the Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Trust - who oversee care at both our local hospitals is amongst the first to install them.
Deaths account for 6,500 visits, births 8,500, citizenship is granted to 1,000, and nationality check-ins recorded at 1,000.
For example, MLB has the smallest follower base, but the highest number of check-ins, a sign that baseball has a high mobile base tapping into At Bat, Apple's highest-grossing app on iTunes.
The European Parliament approved using the machines at check-ins, and called for an end to the ban on carrying liquids by 2013.