check out

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Synonyms for check out

announce one's departure from a hotel

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be verified or confirmed


withdraw money by writing a check

try to learn someone's opinions and intentions

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Angela Burns, Accounts Manager is a successful landlord in her own right and keeps everyone up to date with new current legislation and council tax exemptions and all deposits We also have Experienced Viewing Agents available to carry out property viewings, Inventories, property Inspections and check outs when required.
The staff on reception were so lovely - offering late check outs and breakfast in our rooms.
In addition, I know that customers were very generous in thanking our volunteer bag packers by contributing to the tubs at the various check outs.
In recent months shoppers in parts of the US have been walking up to check outs, waving their hands at the shop assistant, and walking out of the store with armfuls of groceries.
Shops positioning enticing things you don't actually need near the check outs so you chuck them in anyway