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Synonyms for cheapskate

Synonyms for cheapskate

a miserly person


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Perhaps most surprising is that 60-percent of the nearly 3,400 adult respondents said they would consider someone close to them -- either a family member or friend -- to be a cheapskate.
The Best of the Cheapskate Monthly is available in bookstores nationwide or by calling 1-800-288-2131.
The postcard version will all be hand printed on my Japanese screen print press (Riso Gocco), hand numbered and signed," explains Cheapskate.
In this economy, the challenge for Kid to Kid and Uptown Cheapskate is finding franchisees willing to invest.
On Tuesday, May 13th, 2014 they will run their quarterly Cheapskate Marathon online wine event.
During each weekly episode, Yeager, who is also known as the "Ultimate Cheapskate," will discuss tips and tricks on how consumers of all ages can pay less for just about everything, save for retirement, get the most for their money and up-cycle or reuse everyday items through creative repurposing.
8220;Our Cheapskate Marathon's in the past have been very successful, both for us and our Members.
If he wants to make cheapskate remarks he can, but I represent the people of Nuneaton as well as I can, and in their best interests - not in my own.
Stock up on all your favourite ingredients, and support local producers at the same time Carry your retro vinyl in style - or add a bit of muso cred to your shopping - with this fab bag from quirky Scouse singer/songwriter Cheapskate.
GMB national officer, Brian Strutton, said, "GMB is very disappointed with this cheapskate offer.
Presumably we shall only find out the truth about their cheapskate actions when they sell their shabby story to a newspaper or TV company.
This time, Ehrenreich explores the plight of white-collar workers forced from jobs by cheapskate corporations trimming expenses; the results aren't pretty.
You can get other ideas to help you save money from a Website called Cheapskate Monthly (www.
Any cheapskate solution would rip out Brum's beating heart.
Remember that thing we were telling back the Glas-were you about a week or two back, gowbury thing whereby us, us and only us were gonna be able to offer you, our endearing, loyal and cheapskate readers, the chance to avail of tickets cheap price of pounds 12?