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Synonyms for cheaply

in a stingy manner

in a cheap manner

with little expenditure of money

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And yet the Trust produces milk more cheaply than could the independent dairymen?
A thousand looms assembled in a large factory, and driven by a central engine wove cloth vastly more cheaply than could the cottage weavers on their hand-looms.
By your own confession the trust machines do the work more efficiently and more cheaply than you can.
Is it not true that a machine-loom will weave more cloth and weave more cheaply than a hand-loom?
Let us not destroy those wonderful machines that produce efficiently and cheaply.
The story and a half of which it consists had been knocked up cheaply, by carpenters I should say rather than masons, and the general effect is of a brightly coloured van that has stuck for ever on its way through the passage.
For we pay a price for everything we get or take in this world; and although ambitions are well worth having, they are not to be cheaply won, but exact their dues of work and self-denial, anxiety and discouragement.
The houses in which they lived were small cheaply constructed wooden affairs with a garden at the back.
Summary: Perth [Australia], Dec 14 (ANI): Opener Alastair Cook was dismissed cheaply in his 150th Test, but Mark Stoneman ensured that England progressed reasonably well to help them reach 91-2 at lunch on the opening day of the third Ashes match against Australia here on Thursday.
Anderson said: "I think we've got to look at it positively if we can bowl them out cheaply, which we're going to have to do.
Don't give the ball away cheaply, don't give away free-kicks cheaply, defend intelligently.
Sunderland defenders may be worth buying cheaply if Moyes can recover the defensive solidity we have seen his sides have in the past.
Knowledgeable podiatrists and qualified shoe fitters are aware that badly fitted and cheaply made unsuitable footwear are bad news for the nation's health, but they are our guilty pleasure and always will be.
They lost opener Jagadeesh Kundar cheaply with the score on 10, but the second wicket partnership between captain Vineeth Vishwanathan (26) and Rejas Khan (26) steadied their innings and took the score to 46 after seven overs.
ban agreements between price comparison websites and insurers which stop insurers from making their products available more cheaply on other online platforms