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The counterpoint to the rather staid Zeus-doings, and not in the least compulsory, were the literary gatherings Swan and I staged at home in the cheapish fixer-up ranch house we had moved into on Texas Lane, where we still live thirty-odd years later.
They'll be happy in cheapish multi-purpose compost, so don't worry about so-called "specialist" stuff which is stupidly expensive and no better.
Poke around a bit and you can still find patches of cheapish plastic, but the stuff on view is much better.
Even our cheapish taxis cannot compete on a car's value and definitely not on its convenience.
The digital effects looked pretty cool and clever, but I wouldn't argue with a different sensibility that just sees them as cheapish.
The same firm's Challengers index has Charles Howell as a cheapish buy at 12 - he's 15 on a similar list with Sporting - and last year's 16th place must give him some sort of chance given Sunday's ninth place at Disney.
Don't hire, buy a cheapish stop-gap like a Golf GTi or BMW 3 Series at trade money from an auction, and then sell privately when your TT arrives.
So choice is limited if you want a cheapish, small, family hatch with four-wheel-drive versatility.
We prepare them very simply indeed with the free Microsoft Producer software and a cheapish digital camera.
On the issue of photovoltaic (solar electric power) systems, given that you have access to the power grid I would recommend buying EcoPower as a quick, cheapish and effective way of sending your `consuming choices' message to the market.
Simply put, the Migros co-operative, with its Zurich based buyers, is only interested in introducing well priced, own label products -- 85% of its sales -- while Basle based rival Coop is a brand-orientated retailer which seems to carry a high proportion of cheapish products from its nearest neighbours.
The menu ranges from cheapish pastas and small plates to grills and blackboard specials, including tempting Ligurian fish stew with English shellfish for PS15.
I've had two cheapish holidays but I haven't any money to buy a car yet.
WITH the pound taking a daily battering, companies struggling to survive and the worries of a pandemic, a short and cheapish break in the UK never looked so appealing.