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Synonyms for cheap

Synonyms for cheap

Synonyms for cheap

relatively low in price or charging low prices



of very poor quality

embarrassingly stingy

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Then I tell you what,' said Mr Boffin; 'pay the quarter's rent--pay the quarter's rent, it'll be the cheapest thing in the end--and come here at once, so that you may be always on the spot, day and night, and keep the expenses down.
Moss; but to all his requirements of household economy she was submissive to the point of denying herself the cheapest indulgences of mere flavor; her only rebellion was to smuggle into the kitchen something that would make rather a better supper than usual for Tom.
And get me a little sausage, the cheapest, at the pork-butcher's.
Cell One's cheapest product for this usage basket, the per second pre-paid, is N$148.
Two in three station clerks and two in five NRES staff failed to quote the cheapest fare.
But on this week's Webcast, The Real Deal's Jen Benepe talks to brokers at two of the cheapest listings in the city.
But what you think might be the cheapest is not necessarily the cheapest.
So how do you get the cheapest prices when you shop online?
THE Irish Sunday Mirror has searched the country to find Ireland's cheapest and dearest litre of petrol.
Asda retains its crown as the UK's cheapest supermarket ahead of rival Tesco, according to new research released today.
According to the company, Easyvoyage offered the cheapest flights for Amsterdam for GBP98.
Sainsbury's was exclusively cheapest on four branded items: the Anchor cream, Ginsters slice, Philadelphia and Werthers Originals.
Summary: MOSCOW (Cihan)-Russian prime minister test new cheapest concept car of Europe on Wednesday.
But booking clerks and inquiry operators will only tell you the cheapest fare for the whole non-stop journey.
Bulgarians enjoy the cheapest food and tobacco, and the second-cheapest alcohol in the EU, announced Eurostat, EU's statistics agency, Monday.