cheap shot

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an unnecessarily aggressive and unfair remark directed at a defenseless person

an illegal and unsportsmanlike act of unnecessary violence

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It was a cheap shot, professional suicide, like a bucket of cold water on Chisora's chances of winning," The Telegraph quoted Booth, as saying.
Brawls erupted throughout the evening, the worst of which was when substitute Thomas Genevois landed a cheap shot on Courtney Lawes who was then attacked by a posse of Bourgoin players.
It is a cheap shot for the Local Government Association to describe the Act as "catastrophic" when councils already have increased powers to close badly-run premises.
Comedian Brand makes his living and maintains his profile through controversy, but using a crime which ruined hard-working children's charity work to get a giggle is a cheap shot.
I felt like he took a cheap shot at me last year and I felt like they didn't penalize him the right way.
If you reckon that's a cheap shot it's nothing compared to the humiliation heaped on the large ladies who made the massive mistake of participating in Channel 4's horribly exploitative Fat Beauty Contest.
Commonweal writer Eugene McCarraher took a cheap shot at Teilhard in its Nov.
I think this study is a cheap shot by the union to try to push for more city assessor jobs.
He found it necessary to take a cheap shot by suggesting it was reckless for Nader to tip the election to Bush.
If we see the chance of a cheap shot, an easy press release, to gain a point, we should NOT take it if we honestly think we couldn't have done better ourselves.
Carter's new Cheap Shot release combines all of the best features at a great price.
I'm sure that I'm not the first to bring it to your attention, and I admit that it's a bit of a cheap shot, but, conscience notwithstanding, I couldn't resist.
What does project is Schwabsky taking a cheap shot.
It's kind of a cheap shot," David Craft, KTHV's promotions director, said of the clip.
Despite Gallo's cheap shot, operators of recently privatized roadways were quickly reassured that the government's grand plan was not aimed at constructing highways to compete with their concessions but rather fixing old, secondary roads.